The stool : An unsung hero

Ahh the stool! Originally designed to be used for seating but evolved into a multifunctional delight for every house. Its always handy to have when you just can’t grab that jam jar at the back of the kitchen cupboard or how about adding a pillow on top and putting your feet up to watch Love Island, yep we have all used a stool for things other than its intended purpose so its no surprised that its an essential piece of furniture in our house.

It also brings an element of change and a temporary presence within your space, whether you move it from one corner to the next the stool can act as a bridge between a piece of furniture and an object. Be it a book or a plant, it can easily set the tone of a room and can be the most fun and inviting pieces you own.

Scroll down for inspiration on how to use your stool and some current designs found in the market.

Try it as : A statement piece

Create a statement in your living room by placing it front and centre in a visible position.

Try it as : A bedside table

Save space in your bedroom by using the stool as a bedside table, it also keeps your room looking minimalist and clutter free!

Try it as : A plant stand

Elevating plants off the floor with a stool creates visual interest through varied heights. Use it against a wall or in the bathroom.

1. Trouva

What’s it made from?
Solid oak

2. Little Deer

What’s it made from?
Rattan and iron

3. Nkuku

What’s it made from?
Mango wood and cotton

4. Etsy

What’s it made from?
Rattan and iron

Made by The Journey Man & Co

5. Design Vintage

What’s it made from?

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