Second hand : Simple, fun and affordable

I am hugely passionate about everything and anything second-hand , I truly believe that some of our most treasured possessions are things that have been looked after with care by the owners before us. An item that has been used, lived in, loved and passed on.

One of the greatest things about buying second-hand is that there is always a story to be told. You will always remember the way you found an item, the person who sold it to you or the journey you had to make getting it home. It will forever be a memory that makes you smile and every time you see it in your house you will be reminded of how it got there. I encourage all of you to give on of the below suggestions a go if you haven’t already…..

Peer-to-peer selling

Buying through an online marketplace like Facebook or platforms like Ebay and Gumtree can bring you some unbelievable bargains! You can find designer and high street furniture for sale at half the price sometimes less, plus there are easy ways to purchase wether its through PayPal or cash in hand with the seller directly. Facebook marketplace offers filters for local or specific areas and Ebay gives you the flexibility to Buy It Now or Bid for items at super cheap prices, you just need to be active and alert.

My Facebook Marketplace experience has been really surprising. Firstly I wasn’t expecting to find anything decent on there that I even wanted to buy, boy was I wrong. Within the first few days of using it I missed out on two beautiful solid wood benches due to popularity of the item, I was gutted. I kept my eye out checking daily for more that were similar and I managed to get lucky. A lovely lady living in London was selling this bench for a great price (one that wouldn’t be found brand new) and I quickly messaged her that I was interested and was available to collect it the next day. I arrived at her door the following evening, had a very pleasant chat, exchanged money and went on my way. So glad that I continued looking and super impressed by the ‘almost as new’ condition of the bench. Ive bought another two items on FB marketplace since and its been a delight each time.

Expert dealers and traders

If your a fan of vintage furniture in particular then specialist websites or local traders is the one for you. Knowing that the experts have chosen, checked and placed value on the items they sell greatly puts your mind at ease and there is support if anything isn’t what you expect. Places like Vinterior and Vintique London are some of my favourites, they sell unique furniture and they go into detail of the history of the item and if anything is damaged or needs mending (always minor if there is). Why not look locally at sellers who want to give pieces they collect to a happy home, the great thing about this option is that you can go take a look at the piece in person and haggle a price if your feeling cheeky!

Local, local, local

Buying local is the most efficient way of buying second-hand but also the most fun way! It means less travel time and cost, you get to see the furniture first hand and with it some friendly sellers that are happy to discuss a price you are willing to pay. Its also a great way to meet people who share the same interest in used furniture as you and you may even hear about more exciting ways to shop. Remember to also look in charity shops, car boot sales or just asking friends and family if they have anything they want to get rid of.

Ive been to a few flea markets over the past year to really get a feel for what is on offer and I loved everything for sale. You could find small items like cutlery, tableware, storage and decorative vases or large furniture like chairs, tables, lighting and mirrors. One in particular that I went to instantly fell in love with this mid-century plant stand but I hesitated to snap it up as it was one of the first things I’d seen from hundreds of pieces so I took my chance and said I would come back round at the end if I still wanted it. After an hour or browsing I went back just as someone else was discussing a price for it, they offered too high and the seller declined, armed with this information I went in slightly lower within reason and managed to persuade the seller to go for it. I was chuffed with myself and my purchase and glad I didn’t loose out.


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